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Jan 25, 2010 4:30am EST
attack and threatened more terrorism. tara mergener is in washington with details. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, authorities are not sure if that is, in fact, the voice of osama bin laden, but they say the tone is alarming. >> our at that time tacks on you will continue -- >> reporter: in what's believed to be the latest message from osama bin laden, the most wanted man in the world takes some of the credit for the botched christmas day bombing and vows to strike again. the al qaeda leader directly addresses president obama saying the plot was supposed to inflict the same kind of terror as 9/11. he threatens to unleach more attacks if the u.s. does not end its support of israel. >> this is a message for the american people. this is a message that unless you change your foreign policy, we're going continue attacking you. >> this is somebody that has to pop up in our lives over and audiotape because he's nothing but a cowardly murderous thug and terrorist. >> reporter: some analysts are especially troubled by bin laden's language in the latest message. >>
Jan 2, 2010 2:15pm EST
of rip van winkle's -- washington irving story, rip van winkle, which i think captures some of the extraordinary changes that took place in this. in 1789 and 1815. in fact, from the revolution to the second decade of the 19th century. irving, who was conservative and conservative sensibilities, wrote the short story which i think is his most famous short story, most of you are familiar with it. in the second decade of the 19th century. i think he was trying to express some of the awesome changes that he had experienced in his own lifetime. and they've been here developed an acute sense that his native land was no longer the same place that it had been a generation earlier. he had his character, as you recall, rip weakened from a street that had begun before the revolution and had gone on for 20 years or so. and when rip enters his own village, he immediately felt lost. the building, the faces, the names are all strange and incomprehensible. the very village wrote irving was largely more populous except among the agent who was no longer tolerated. the very character of the pe
Jan 6, 2010 12:00pm EST
news at noon, on your side. >> meet washington's new $35 million man. mike shanahan will officially be named the redskins' new coach this afternoon. fans in the front office will be watching to see if his five-year contract will produce similar results to his time in denver. good afternoon, everyone. i am alison starling. matt brock has a preview of the 2:00 announcement. >> it is official. mike shanahan will be the new redskins coach. from the moment his name was whispered, fans thought perhaps he would help revive the team from its dismal performance. >> you cannot do worse. >> the deal was sealed late yesterday with a celebratory dinner at the palm restaurant in tyson. shanahan and his wife was there with the owner and the team's new general manager. >> it is great to be here. >> this brings -- generated a joke or two. shanahan paycheck, no punchline. it is serious money. $35 million over five years and his son, kyle, comes -- becomes offensive coordinator. the real problem with this team is its owner. that dan snyder interferes too much with a football. under this new contract,
Jan 25, 2010 10:00am EST
. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm david shuster live in washington, and we're going to begin this hour with some breaking news out of baghdad. iraq's capital city has been rocked today by three separate bomb blasts striking near three hotels. at least 31 people were killed and at least one of the hotels targeted was popular with western journalists. martin truval joins us on the phone. martin, what have you seen this morning? what was the scene? >> david, a series of defs taking attacks. hotels were blown up first. the second the babylon hotel just south of the u.s. embassy across the river and thirdly came the hotel home to us all for a long time. it started with gunmen shooting at the hotel and shooting at the guards. the guards have the hotel -- are fighting in retreat. they took up defensive positions. as they did that, the military just got out of the car, which was a white security van with a red flashing light on the roof, hoping to get to the hotel, drove inside and detonated. and the carnage is horrific. but all four hotels are destroyed. >> from my own experience, ma h marti
Jan 31, 2010 10:00am EST
from the plains all the way to the potomac. washington, d.c. is dealing with 12 inches of snow today. it also has very cold temperatures. the highs are expected to be just around 30 degrees, if not less. increasing concern for d.c. and other areas about clean-up after the storm treating the black ice on the slippery roadways. the snow and ice is expected to linger until monday in memphis. the rough wintry weather was too much for this tree. the ice formed on the branches. that gave way and crashed on to a house. no one was jerd. >>> 10 to 14 inches of snow fell across virginia. dominion says they've restored power to all but a few hundred customers. good news because some really cold air is about to settle in. >>> carl parker joins me now from the weather channel in atlanta. >> good morning, alex. we've got a very chilly picture. this is the current snow cover across the country. about three-quarters of the country now seeing some snow on the ground. a lot of snow here in parts of the west. there's that stripe from the latest storm that occurred in the mid-south and eventually the so
Jan 4, 2010 6:30pm EST
. our correspondent in washington. >> i think they are coming closer. i think that is a genuine shift. there is a fear over how close they came in detroit to a real terrorist disaster, so i think there was support for this quite radical change in policy, and i do wonder if president bush was still in office, and if he had announced such a change, and if there would have been some outrage from the left. >> and president obama is just coming up to one year in office. >> yes, he has national security to deal with and all of the policy and the argument over that, but, mike, if you look at the economic news, there were good figures on manufacturing, but otherwise, if you look at the real estate market or jobs, people are living in fear of losing their jobs. >> and what about those key milestones coming up? >> well, we have two coming up. one is just in a couple of weeks' time, and then towards the end of january/beginning of feuary, you also have the state of the union speech. that is where you expect the president to declare that the state of the union is strong. what it will likely point
Jan 3, 2010 4:00pm EST
from washington to talk about the new directives and the story developing out of yemen. the new directives in effect tomorrow. >> these are dramatic, brooke. starting tomorrow, tsa is mandating every person flying into the u.s. from or through a country that's a state sponsor of terrorism or other countries of interest will be required to go through a hand screening or secondary screening. that can include body scans, patdowns and other regulations. and this is sure to slow down the boarding process but it also comes after the u.s. government stepping up counterterrorism efforts in yemen which is emerging as a more serious front in the war on terror. on the southern tip of the arabian peninsula where the red sea meets the indian ocean is yemen. that's where a strike just last month killed three al qaeda members suspected of targeting the u.s. embassy for attack. cnn has learned a fourth was captured with his suicide vest on. according to his senior u.s. military official. now the u.s. and british embassies have been closed because of continued threats in the area. >> there are i
Jan 23, 2010 7:00am EST
is on the wrong track. 81% say that the u.s. is heading in the wrong direction. this according to a "washington post"/kaiser harvard poll. good morning. good to see you, ed. >> good to see you. >> we have "the washington post" which notes in the '08 election, president obama won decisively among voters. what changed? >> he remains pretty popular with folks who showed up to vote. they have real issues with his health care plan. the meetings and negotiations that were held between the two houses of congress have been closed. there isn't bipartisanship and a lot of concern about cost. this in a state which has essentially a universal health care plan. they have big issues with how washington is handling the current health care debate. >> voters said their top issues were health care reform. the efforts in washington. the economy, the jobs, and the way washington is working. it was among the top things on the list they weren't happy with. washington workings, why don't they like it? >> i think for all of the reasons i've seen. they play out in the last few months. again, you can't get a deal done.
Jan 6, 2010 4:30am EST
temperatures. negative 1 in minneapolis. 19 in tallahassee, which is colder than new york or washington. and it's a chilly 41 in south florida. >> viviana hurtado has more on the longest cold snap in a generation. >> reporter: snow, snow and more snow combined with windchill temps in the negative number, it's one of the most severe arctic blasts to wallop the nation in 25 years. >> average is twice a day since new year's. >> reporter: in fulton new york, the snow hasn't stopped since december 28th. more than 50 inches have fallen and more on the way, almost three-quarters of the country is under a winter weather watch or warning. in tennessee where overnight lows hit 12, at least four have died from the cold. >> from hypothermia is commonplace in these temperatures. >> reporter: in new jersey ice and the cooling system forced the shutdown of a nuclear power plant. in central florida today will be the fifth morning of near or freezing temperatures. to save their citrus crops farmers are spraying warm water on the lower branches because the freezing process keeps the fruit warm. >> i didn't have
Jan 4, 2010 5:30pm EST
there may be more attempts to bomb airliners here. bbc news, washington. >> all of this, of course, amid growing concern about al qaeda's a pair links with yemen. -- apparently experian secretary of state hillary clinton -- >> the instability in yemen is a threat to global stability -- apparent links with yemen. trying to deal with the security concerns, and certainly, we know that this is a difficult set of challenges, but they have to be addressed. >> the secretary of state there in washington. the u.s. has lifted a 22-year ban preventing people with hiv or aids from entering the country. in have been in the 1980's. president obama says they are not compatible with becoming a leader in the fight against the disease -- it happened in the 1980's. russia has given georgia permission to resume air links. the first direct charter flights will start later this week. regular flights will follow soon before more talks between aviation authorities. the bbc has obtained evidence that a faulty computer software may have played a part in the crash of a chin up helicopter in scotland's where 29 peo
Jan 5, 2010 7:00am EST
and 7:00 a.m. in washington we're in a few hours president obama will discuss major changes in the way american security services operate in the wake of the failed airline bombing. an al qaeda double agent was a responsible for blowing up seven cia officers and one jordanian at their afghan base last week. more on that in a moment, but first a report on a president who wants answers. >> this is one flight that probably didn't enforce the new security rules, but the president returned from his holiday knowing it is down to him to keep america safe, and he has work to do. first, mr. obama had a lengthy meeting with his top counterterrorism adviser, john brennan, leading the inquiry about how this airplane came so close to blowing up in the sky. the secretary of state will be one at the height meeting -- high-level meeting at the white house. >> we are looking to see if whether the procedures need to be changed, upgraded. we will be meeting with the president to go over our internal reviews and hear what others in our government also have concluded and to take whatever additional steps ne
Jan 17, 2010 6:30pm EST
he was shot outside the hilton hotel in washington, there was a very bad time in his presidency. howard baker came in as the chief of staff. things got better again. how bad was it in that time of the decision when there appears to have been nothing but in fighting in the administration? >> i can tell you that he was closer to death than people realize. this devastating blow with 1 inch from his heart. he lost a substantial amount of blood. -- this devastating bullet was 1 inch from his heart. he lost a substantial amount of blood. he was closer to death than people realized at the time. but this is your second book on reagan. >> the first one was called "reagan's revolution." that is where he begins the process of remaking the possiblrepublican party. i have always loved history. i majored in history in college. i have written many articles on history over the years. i have spent my entire life writing for other people. i decided i wanted to start writing for myself. i was able to get a book contract for my first book. that got good reviews. it was a bestseller. it led to this
Jan 27, 2010 4:00pm EST
dollars cash, when you open an account. >>> i'm john harwood on capitol hill in washington. i've just left an on-the-record briefing with house speaker nancy pelosi a much more optimistic tone to getting to pass the health care bill with certain changes that would ab agreed to. that is a positive sign for the vote count on prospect for president obama's health kay plan. no guarantee that the senate would go along with this strategy but she said this is all doable after we passasm these changes in the affordability other the cadillac tax and the special deal for nebraska, we can get this done in the house of representatives. good sign for president obama and, simon, i'll send it off to you on the floor. >> thank you very much. closing out a market that has rallied today. tonight's speech by president obama, absolutely key for banks and for health care stocks. as we stand at the moment, having rallied through so much of the uzir information today. now down 2% potentially for the month overall. [ closing bell ringing ] >>> you're watching a special edition of the "closing bell" from the world
Jan 23, 2010 7:00am EST
for the day, washington 46. 41 in denver. 60 in l.a. 77 in tampa and miami. i'm reynolds look fwolf for hln. >>> we live our lives online, buying plane tickets, paying bills. why not fitness? we asked them to look at the coolest new online fitness tools. check outfitness orbit, real life fitness trainer online. >> i like the fact you can pick the activity level you're in. whether you have a desk job, a frequent traveler. >> reporter: your trainer can adjust your fitness goals on a daily basis. if nutrition is more your focus, check out an online meal plan you. >> the option of choosing from fast food, home cooked meals and each meal type opg, that's an emphasis on healthy choices. >> reporter: it comes complete with recipes, shopping list and cost per meal calculator. if all you feed is a little inspiration, a free healthy tips e-mail called healthy mondays may be your one-stop shop. >> i think healthy mondays is a great program used in conjunction with ornishtives. >> reporter: healthy monday is a free tool but the other two come with membership fees. >>> a woman who survived the devastati
Jan 29, 2010 6:00pm EST
. >> i bit. everyone was sort of charged up about it. all of washington is actually very excited about it. people were thrilled. i mean, and democrats were very thrilled. the president's naturally going to dominate an event like that. he's got the podium. they are just holding handhelds. but republicans were thrilled too. i spoke to a bunch of republicans who were there afterwards and people who are-- . >> lehrer: what did they say. >> they were happy. they said he said all along we don't have plans but over and over again he acknowledged yeah, we do have alternatives, we've been offering them. so they acknowledged that he got most of the time, he did very well. but they were thrilled that they got some points across. and they were thrilled by the exchange. and i think americans will be thrilled by the exchange, to the extent they see it and will it lead to a mass depolarization, not exactly, obviously. and you know, there are fundamental differences on manys like health care there are just different approaches. but i think one of the things the president did very well is list a whole ser
Jan 29, 2010 7:00pm EST
"hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, obama visits the elephant house. president obama met with house republicans today in an extraordinary confrontation. carried live here on msnbc. it was an event the likes of which we have never seen. never seen ever, akin to the prime minister's question time over in great britain. the president took the republicans' questions up in baltimore and he did it with passion, precision and expertise. it reminded a lot of people why they voted for the guy in the first place. was history made today? a new precedent for, maybe just breaking the political gridlock in this city. >>> don't ask, don't tell, will that policy finally be changed? a man from pennsylvania has a unique experience of being a congressman and former navy admiral. he'll say why it's time to go. >>> we start with president obama and the remarkable meeting with house republicans up in baltimore. here's the president at the beginning of that event today. talking about the tone of washington, and specifically, the big fight over health care. he began by
Jan 6, 2010 7:00am EST
.m. in washington where intelligent chiefs will this morning begin to make amends after stinging criticism from president obama that they failed to stop last month's attempted to bomb an american airliner. the director of national intelligence dennis blair says the intelligence community had to boost efforts to prevent new mr. obama had earlier told senior officials that the failure to anticipate the attack was a screw up. from washington, -- >> after learning what his intelligence team knew about the christmas a bomb plot and when they knew it, president obama was clearly not happy. >> u.s. government has sufficient information to have uncovered the plot and potentially disrupt the christmas day attack. some of our intelligence community failed to connect those doctors, which would have placed the suspect on the no-fly list. >> farouk of -- oman for root abdulmutallab was put on a bird did -- different watch lists. he was able to board of this plane carrying hidden explosives. >> it is increasingly clear that intelligence was not fully analyzed or fully leverage. that i not acceptable and i wi
Jan 18, 2010 12:00pm EST
, at that point, islamabad, washington, london, information centers where we're all linked up all the time, understanding everything, every leader involved in the coalition was doing saying so forth. we brought that forward, post, for the iraq conflict and the cic was the british element of that, based partly in the foreign office, but working, with very much as part of the overall iraq communications. >> so members of your team part of it? >> members of my team. members of the american team. we had, we have a system of swapping. we had a very senior person from the american side who was there. we have, different times, we have french people. we had spaniards. we had polls, australians, dutch. people from all over. >> this was the group that was commission to do the february dossier? >> it was, yeah. >> so could you tell us, how that came about? >> that came about from, one of the sis people who occasionally attended as expert advisor really, this, wasn't always weekly, but fairly regular, iraq strategic discussion group is how i would have called it really, he informed us that there was i
Jan 5, 2010 12:30pm EST
, commander of u.s. central command, made a surprise visit to yemeni leaders. joining me now from washington, eric schmitt of the "new york times," steve coll of the "new yorker" magazine, gregory johnson, here in new york richard barrett a former british intelligence officer who has been with the united nations for the last five years. i am pleased to have all of them here for this broadcast. let me begin with richard barrett. where do you think we are today and what does what happened in yemen and what is unfolding in yemen say to us about the battle against sdmaeld >> well, it says the threat from al qaeda is very present, of course, and al qaeda is a resilient organization. nonetheless, i don't think the event of christmas day should obscure the fact that we made tremendous progress against al qaeda over the last two years in particular and i think al qaeda in most areas of the world where it operates-- and it's increasingly operating in ungoverned areas like the after/pakistan border and the algerian border and so on-- they're being forced to concentrate on areas, including yemen, to re
Jan 22, 2010 6:00pm EST
his death. thousands rallied in washington in the annual "march for life". it was the 37th anniversary of the supreme court decision of roe v. wade that legalized abortion. the anti-abortion crowd rallied at the white house, and then moved on to the supreme court. a handful of abortion rights supporters were also present. downpours eased today as the latest pacific storm moved out of southern california. the risk for mudslides and flooding remained, especially for residents in the foothills of the san gabriel mountains. a state of emergency was declared in five counties after nearly ten inches of rain this week. still, local officials said many evacuation orders in los angeles county will soon be lifted. those are some of the day's main stories. i'll be back at the end of the program with a preview of what you'll find tonight on the newshour's web site. but for now, back to jim. >> lehrer: and still to come on the newshour: shields and brooks; and who's in charge of the internet? that follows a rundown of a remarkable few days in politics. judy woodruff has the story. ( cheers and appl
Jan 20, 2010 12:00pm EST
will speak at u.s. conference of mayors meter here in washington. we'll have it live 3:00 p.m. eastern on c c-span3 >> earlier today, senate minority leader mism mcconel says he doesn't expect anymore votes on health in the senate until scott brown has been seated. scott brown won the special election shun massachusetts yesterday defeating state attorney general martha coakley. from the capitol, this is 20 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. slow news, huh? the people of massachusetts had an opportunity to speak yesterday, and they spoke rather loudly that they would like to see congress go in a different correction. direction. the massachusetts special election shun was unique in many ways. i was flying from kentucky last day, a number of people on the plane brought up as they have in last few months can you the health care bill? most interesting came up to me i'm con went of yours but i'm married to a man from massachusetts. here he is. and she introduced me to him. we're going to massachusetts to vote for scott. they made a special trip to go to massachusetts so he could vote for scott bro
Jan 6, 2010 6:00am EST
saying he won't run in the fall either. dana bash joins us from washington. what led to senator dodd's decision not to seek re-election? >> reporter: a very, very tough re-election battle ahead, that's really the bottom line on this, john. as you know, senator chris dodd has made the united states senate his life. he's been in the senate for three decades, but he has had a series of very, very tough political battles. in connecticut, starting with the fact that he moved to iowa to run for president with his wife and his two small children, that's when connecticut voters started to turn on him, then the fact that he is the senate banking chairman and obviously wall street went south. there's been a lot of attention paid to the fact that he has close ties with the banking community. so all of those things, combined with the fact that it is just not a good potential year for democrats, made senator dodd decide finally to retire and not run again. >> so what does this mean for democrats in terms of their chances in the 2010 election? do they have a good solid candidate who could replace
Jan 5, 2010 5:30pm EST
's go back to washington. this is the scene live in the grand foyer. our main story, that president obama is meeting with top intelligence and security officials. we expect the president to speak in the next few moments. as we wait for him to leave that meeting and speak to the assembled media, let's speak to philip thomas. he has been away for 11 days in hawaii, and as well as the obvious security measures we think he will be announcing today, something of a damage limitation exercise politically for him. >> he wants to be in control, chris, firm, and share some of the outrage that america is feeling and show that he acknowledges the national sense of shock out there. there has been a great deal of criticism over the fact that after christmas day -- it seemed to take a few days for the white house to get its message together. he will be announcing policy changes, and we are hearing a bit of that already, with the decision for example not to repatriate yen many criminals -- yemeni criminals. >> is anybody in the firing line for the mistakes that have been made? >> i think people wil
Jan 27, 2010 5:30pm EST
washington, meeting condoleezza rice and other members of the bush administration. by the time he returned, he believed war was justified. on march 17, he gave his authority for war, reporting his conclusion to the cabinet, but there was no cabinet discussion. >> i recall telling the cabinet there is another point of view and this is the conclusion i have reached, and then the discussion on the legality simply stopped. >> what of the media reports that it was pressure from tony blair that forced lord goldsmith to change his mind on the war? >> it was alleged that you were pinned to the wall, who allegedly had performed a pincer movement on you and told you what belair wanted. would you like to comment on that? >> absolutely complete and utter nonsense. >> it was hours of discussion about the wording of the u.n. resolution which lord goldsmith became convinced after the full legal justification for innovation. >>> in nigeria, the senate and cabinet are at loggerheads over the future of the president. he has been out of the country two months, receiving medical treatment and saudi arabia. ca
Jan 19, 2010 6:30pm EST
talking about is about a political comeback. >> standing room only at the launch party for washington's new right were leaning -- right word leaning website, the daily call. >> it is fundamentally an adventure. >> you can feel the energynd a sense that after a year of president obama that political fortunes are fluid again. [unintelligible] this is a who's who of the american rights. so what did the republicans stand for? >> the republican party as the party -- is the party of [unintelligible] it is a heavily white party. and it is an older political party. you see from the last presidential election, president obama did well with latino voters, black young voters. republicans did well with everyone else. >> from drinking too thinking. how did they reach out? we convened our run panel of up- and-coming republicans at this institution. >> there is a disconnect. we need to bring everyone together. we need everyone to see what our party does. >> i think the biggest concession is that the republicans are the party of old white men. we need to change the face of that theory focusing on the
Jan 27, 2010 6:30pm EST
to the united nations. >> but then it changed. in mid-february 2003, lord goldsmith and visited washington. in that condoleezza rice and other members of the bush administration. -- he met condoleezza rice. when he returned, he thought war could be justified. march 70, he gave his authority for war. -- march 17, he gave his authority for war. >> i do recall telling cabinet, well, there is another point of view. this is the conclusion i have reached. then the discussion on the legality simply stopped. >> the media reports it was pressure from people close to tony blair that forced lord goldsmith to change his mind and the war. >> it was alleged you had been more or less pended to the wall in the downing street showdown -- pinned to the wall in that the downing street showdown. a pincer movement had been done on you and you were told what blair wanted. you have a comment? >> absolute and complete and utter nonsense. >> hours of discussion about the wording of the un resolution. for goldsmith became convinced of the full legal justification of the invasion. at the iraq inquiry, bbc news. >> i
Jan 4, 2010 6:00am EST
made a surprise visit over the weekend. it comes as president obama is returning to washington right now from his hawaiian vacation. steps up focus on what he sees as an emerging threat. >> the investigation into the christmas day incident continues. and we're learning more about the suspect. we know he travelled to yemen. it appears that he joined an affiliated of al qaeda and that this group, al qaeda in the ararian peninsula, chatrained h and equipped him with explosives. i've made it a priority to building strengthen our partnership with the yes, ma'me government. >> a lot of politicizing of some events. we'll get to later. richard engel here with new information on the cia attack on afghanistan. >> yeah, i got a call, i guess it was friday. >> um-hum. >> from somebody in the cia that was very upset at the reporting. don't believe what you read in the newspaper about how some guy penetrated the barriers and rushed into a cia room and blew himself up. this was a nightmare, a double agent, what we've been afraid of for years, and you heard the same thing and this is new. >> actuall
Jan 23, 2010 8:00am EST
with democrats when he gets to washington. just 11% of voters want brown to thwart the democrats' agenda, according to a new "washington post" kaiser harvard poll. publisher ever the cook report at and a dw frent. thanks for joining us, charlie. >> good morning. >> how do you read the voting environment now ahead of the 2010 elections? >> i think what we saw in tuesday's election, special election in massachusetts, in this new kaiser harvard "washington post" poll, it's a continuation of what we've been seeing for about six months or so. one, you could say broadly voters are unhappy. that creates a lot of political turbulence. then you soo two contradictory things happening. one hand, a frustration democrats have been pushing health care to a lesser extent climate change and a time when people want to see a focus on the economy. remember when bill clinton said during the 1992 presidential campaign he wanted to focus on the economy like a laser beam. that's the focus that voters are looking for. but at the same time, in this survey in massachusetts showed and recent national surv
Jan 12, 2010 7:00am EST
admits using steroids during his record- breaking season. is 7:00 a.m. in washington, midday in london, may day in tehran. the mysterious assassination of the leading iranian scientist threatens to complicate relations between the international community and iran. they have accused america and israel of being behind the bomb blast. they also claim that revolutionary groups are involved in the assassination. our to run correspondent joins us here in the studio. -- tehran correspondent joins us in the studio. >> this is a very murky story. it ems there was a bomb explosion in which this scientist died. the first reports were that he was a nuclear scientist. he worked at tehran university. the authorities for very quick to give details and blame the zionists. including western powers. but it has not become clearer since then. i just spoke to someone recently who stated he was not a nuclear physicist and that he came from a different branch of the physics and it was very not likely to be involved in the nuclear program. he may have been a supporter of the opposition. frankly, that is not h
Jan 4, 2010 12:00pm EST
. coming up next, we'll get to next. here is the inside of the "washington post" is corporate bernanke urges financial regulation to prevent crisis. neil r. when writing about the speak and we will show you some of mr. bunning to his comments on sunday. speaking at an annual meeting of the academic economists. bernanke laid out a case that interest-rate policy was at best a modest contributor for over inflation of home prices. one thing, there were home bubbles in many countries around the world, even many that were not as loose with a monetary policy. such countries as britain, new zealand and sweden had tighter monetary policy. yet their home prices rose more, and monetary policy explained only 5 percent of the variation in home prices in those country. to maryellen a. good morning on our republican line. welcome. >> caller: good morning. i would like to comment on the people, the politicians this morning, that we are fighting, like with republicans and democrats. and whether our citizen works off of our attitude. and the country has got a bad attitude that if we just change that, we
Jan 4, 2010 7:00am EST
"washington journal" is next. . . host: we will show you some of the comments this morning. we will ask you about whether more regulation is needed to prevent financial excess. the numbers to call, for democrats, 202-737-0002. for republicans, 202-737-0001. for independents, 202-628-0205. make sure that you turn down your television or radio when you call in. if you have called in within the last 30 days, give others a chance to call this morning. you can also send us an e-mail or contact enforce those regulations on the books. off of the subject a little bit, i wish to those republicans would have their sons and granddaughters in the marine corps. host: marion, illinois. you are next. ben bernanke urges prevention of crisis. we will show you some of his comments from sunday when he spoke at an annual meeting for the academic economics annual meeting association. open-" policy -- "policy was at best for home prices. for one thing, there were many home price bubbles in many parts of the world. new zealand and sweden had tighter monetary policy, yet their home prices rose a more
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Jan 3, 2010 12:00pm EST
following them in washington. hi. >> hi. both the u.s. and british closed their embassies in yemen because of the al-qaeda threat. white house counterterror advisor john brennan says he is not going to take chances with the lives of diplomats and he says the yemeni government is providing support. brennan is heading the white house review of the attack on the detroit-bound plane. he told "fox news sunday" u.s. intelligence failed to connect the dots. he says there was no smoking gun, no definitive intelligence that was ignored and no sign that agencies refuse to cooperate with each other. >> in the review so far, there is no indication whatsoever that any agency or department was not trying to share information. there were some lapses, there were some human errors, there were some failures of the system to allow that to happen at the speed of light. >> many republicans are criticizing the obama administration for choosing to handle this case in criminal court rather than some type of military commission. >> he should be treated as a prisoner of war. he should be held in a military brig. an
Jan 7, 2010 9:00am EST
. >>> straight ahead, the so-called washington love child. the high-level obama staffer admits he has a baby we never knew about. >>> where in the world is tiger woods? "us" weekly has new details on where the golfer may be taking cover these days from prying paparazzi eyes. >>> new information shows not everyone was asleep at the wheel before the failed christmas day bomb plot. you're watching msnbc. "s" stands for straightforward. as in up-front, honest... total transparency. straightforward is the way td ameritrade does business. simple, fair pricing. no hidden account fees. no shenanigans. just good value. real help. smart people who are easy to work with. that's what td ameritrade stands for. what does your investment firm stand for? it's time for fresh thinking. it's time for td ameritrade. walgreens invites you to stay well this new year. ♪ with the centers for disease control and prevention saying... that vaccination is still your best protection, walgreens and take care clinics... now offer h1n1 flu vaccinations... every day at our more than 7000 locations nationwide... for just $18.
Jan 23, 2010 6:30pm EST
victory on tuesday in massachusetts sinks in and voter anger at washington begins to take root, the president tonight is turning to an old political ally to help turn things around. in the wake of stunning new setbacks, mr. obama is now turning to a proven winner, david plouffe, chief architect of the historic 2008 obama election, to put the white house back on a campaign footing. >> he says he never voted for a republican. >> reporter: yesterday in ohio a new approach by the president was already evident. >> how are you, sir? >> reporter: as his agenda becomes less popular, the president's tone now becomes more populist, confessing friday to losing contact with everyday americans. >> the truth is this job is a little confining, and that is frustrating. >> reporter: mr. obama met with plouffe last tuesday, at the same moment voters were sending republicans scott brown to the senate in solidly democratic massachusetts. a new poll out today puts the president's political peril in stark relief. of all voters in tuesday's election, a whopping 63% think the country is on the wrong t
Jan 9, 2010 6:30pm EST
abdulmutallab with the head of the pakistan taliban. >> in a letter to the washington post today cia director leon panetta defended the agents for letting the man in, he said the individual was about to be searched by our security officers, a distance away from other intelligence personnel, when he set off his explosives. critics contend they trusted and risked too much. >> one of the officers killed had nearly 15 years experience doing nothing but al qaeda. he is referring to the base's station sheet, a member of the clandestine service, former agents tell me in loss is going to have a chilling effect on the risks that agents on the ground are allowed to fake jeff. >> glor: kimber dozier, thank you. since the attempted christmas airline attack, international attention has focused on yemen, which claims to be taking action against al qaeda there. but it is hampered by a civil conflict that could bring even more chaos to an already troubled country and potentially even more trouble for the u.s. terry mccarthy is in the yemeni capital tonight. >> reporter: yemen is fighting a war on three front
Jan 24, 2010 8:00am EST
that the public can do by itself. we do need political leadership here. for washington to realize that reasonable regulation with the into being fair, consistent financial market discipline that this is not a barrier to free market capitalism. that this is in the and necessary prerequisite to free market capitalism. so with that, i am very happy to take questions. thank you very much. [applause] >> i am howard, and my job here today is to point out questioners for nicole. if i might start, nicole, on your point about extending simple rules to new markets, do you have some feeling -- there's a lot of legislation now being considered in washington both on the house and senate side. is any of it consisted with a prescription you've offered this morning? >> no. [laughter] >> the one thing that is consistent was one of the first bills that came out, which was put unregulated derivatives on the regulated markets. however, that seems to have disappeared somewhere, and now we have chris dodd and senator dodd and representative barney frank going with this idea from president obama to create the systemic
FOX News
Jan 22, 2010 4:00pm EST
or find a different solution from the president? >> not at all i've one an independent voice in washington since i there in january. i did not support the tax on -- of 90% on people who got bonuses. i do not support a lot of the initiatives going against the banking industry now. this is the lifeblood of new york city, financial services industry. 70,000 people from my district work there everyday. >> neil: what do they tell you when the president talks about bankers and brokers equivalent of satan and all of that? what do you say? these are your constituents, what do you say? >> what i say is that i don't adopt populist rhetoric or put blame on one very important sector of our economy. i came into the city council in 2003 right after 9/11 they -- in 2002 right after 9/11. we climbed out quicker because of a financial services rebound. the engine to do that is the financial services industry. we need regulation, yes. we can't throw the baby out with the bathwater. we can't put arbitrary limits on the sides of banks we have to do things that make sense so these great companies can move forw
Jan 2, 2010 10:00am EST
't come close enough for "the washington post's" kathleen parker who writes -- "obama's open-collared vacation was deliver odd and katrina time, about two days too late, and fell a few links short of reassuring. calm in the face of potential zaft cere laudable but it's a fine line between executive tranquility and passive nonchalance. like a tone-deaf disk jock ji, obama plays elevator music when the crowd wants john philip souza. i'm joined by analyst pat buchanan and peter fenn. happy new year. >> happy new year, chris. >> is that fair, the criticism that the president was tone-deaf? >> no. the fact is you have to go out and make a statement if you're president of the united states with the facts. i think the administration coming out on sunday and saying the system worked is a legitimate criticism. the system clearly didn't work and the president, you know, on tuesday said just that. but i think -- you know, i think that the monday morning quarterbacking by conservative columnists is really not called for. what the american people want, chris, is they want less finger-poin
Jan 12, 2010 9:00am EST
of washington. who was it that was behind the scenes putting all of this together for him. >> it apparently was ari fleischer. former white house press secretary who apparently had a hand in suggesting what he did. and if you look at the way mcgwire did this, he was very emotional in his interview. but knowing that he dotted all those is, he crossed the ts, it sounds like something that was very, very planned. but the big question is how much he really feels about this, because he admitted he did it because of injuries. he did not say that he wouldn't have been able to accomplish that record if he was not on steroids. >> i thought the maris phone call, the phone call to mrs. maris, that made it more genuine to me than anything else he did. >> it was a classy thing to do. >> and probably the product of the advice from ari fleischer. >> but probably the single toughest phone call he had to make. >> and there's the whole hall of fame question. he has now 24% of the vote. he will need 75% if he's going to get in. that's another question. could it be the timing. >> won't get my vote. >> lindsay
Jan 26, 2010 8:00pm EST
. there was a typical column in the washington times where it was said o'keefe was a role model for millions of americans and a true american patriot. there are serious questions here tonight about not just the credibility of o'keefe and his previous work, but about all those people who held him up as some kind of shining example for the media and for america's youth. >> well, he is a role model for those who are interested in going into the production or starring in our series "lockup." it was almost by accident when we were talking about the original watergate, and there's nothing to suggest these two incidences are equivalent other than the phones and the break-in. almost by accident we got the information. is this being taken seriously politically in washington and is there any indication that o'keefe has ever gotten a dime from any republican or conservative organization? >> we don't know what his funding has been. there have been lots of questions asked, and not much information has come out. we know for one fact that he's media sponsorship. the web of media coverage that has promoted
Jan 29, 2010 10:00am EST
the american people want. the poll you took said 93% of americans think washington is too partisan. the other 7% still live in washington. that's what president obama campaigned against in 2008. that was his initial offer saying there are no red states or blue states. he may get written off as roll your eyes by the washington crowd but it's what the american people want to see. >> on that point, it's not a good idea for the president at least on the on-camera portion to attack the crowd that's been attacking him. >> no, and he's doing a good thing by going and talking to them. i was dit disheartened to see john boehner say he has principles, he's not going to negotiate for the sake of negotiating. what's the point then? either you want 100% of the loaf. the american people want these parties to work together. boehner's comments were disheartening. if i'm obama i'm going there thinking this guy doesn't want to negotiate on anything, what's the point? why am i wasting the gas mile age to go 50 miles to baltimore? >> here is what john boehner said about the president's state of the union address.
Jan 12, 2010 12:00pm EST
in washington but for the commonwealth that is still a nice hung of change. i wasn't sure, wasn't any study we would jump up ridership that much, i knew we had to try. this was our best shot. if you look at topography of pennsylvania. this was our best shot to prove a market for high-speed rail and it worked. it worked. sometimes you have to, as mr. skanke said, you have to do it the. >> in it is also about transit oriented development and induced demand and economic activity in this megapolis we refer to in the urban areas that would grow as a result of that infrastructure being in place. that is one of those things. it is hard to measure until it is in place. >> mr. skancke, did you want to talk about reliable ridership issue or comment on this? >> i think we have studied ridership in this country for hundreds of millions of dollars. i didn't say years. hundreds of millions of dollars. and, as i said, we have to stop studying. we know, on all of the amtrak corridors throughout the country, there is a need and a demand. and as fuel prices go up, ridership goes up. as congestion goes up, rider
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